When you are creating online content the questions is … “Should you use a podcast to get your brand out there?”

It’s time to get off the podcasting fence and make a choice. But maybe something is stopping you …

Here are a few juicy reasons why you should start a podcast.


1 | Podcast Are The Best For Networking

 This depends on what type of model of podcast you run … whether it’s a solo show, interview or a hybrid. (I would suggest a hybrid or solo … in case you were wondering) But podcasts are the best for networking.

When you invite guests on your show you have a reason and goals that you are both working towards which is typically the topics of your interview. 

That topic that you are both so passionate about brings you both together for a moment in time and if you do it right (some follow up “hey!”) … then you have made a new online buddy for the rest of your life that is passionate around the same topics you are.

Pro Tip: After having a guest on your show — email them right away with a thank you. Then you’’lll send them another email the day before their episode goes live that reminds them of their episode “Going LIVE!” … now is a great time to send them social media graphics and maybe even some social copy, (like subtitle or key takeaway!) 

But the whole point is … you are email them back and forth. And by that you are continuing your connection. So, if you ever host a summit or need help in their expert area … guess who you are going to call first

2 | Podcast Episodes Are Easier To Produce

I used to do Youtube.

I loved it. I took an in depth course and followed all the rules … then I dove into my youtube data … and guess what I found!!! 

Crickets” no one in my target audience was really there and what I would need to do in order to be appealing to my target audience that was “there” … there was no way I was going to do it. (think DIYing your house crafts 🤪) 

It wasn’t anything scandalous that I would need to change to make YouTube work … I would just need to change my whole personality … LOL I love sitting and talking to my other mom peeps one-on-one to really talk about the heart of what we are going through. 

And in all honesty with 5 kids and my home not my top, top priority … my house is not the cleanest. I wasn’t about to tour the www through my messy house and be someone I’m not.

I loved turning on the camera and just talking! Not very exciting videography … I don’t blame myaudiencee for not jumping on board with those video. 

The data forced me to pivot away from Youtube where I thought I “had” to be because everyone would be watching video online by the year 2020 (apparently that was the stat 🤷‍♀️) and so I switched to podcasting.

The results are in (Pro Tip: always check your data) podcasting shot me from a frozen email list for one year while I was on YouTube to a 21% email list increase in less than 5 months while podcasting! (exact same audience!) Blew my mind. 

Consistently publishing weekly episodes (which I recommend … even though I’m taking a pause right now) while promoting my freebie as my midroll (which again I recommend) I was able to keep up with production and marketing by myself (while taking care of my 5 kids!) 

Because podcasting has approximately 22 steps … whereas Youtube … 52! Yikes! Huge difference. Whole point = podcasting is easier!

3 | Podcasting Will Grow Your Email List Faster

Podcasting is the fastest growing area for online content marketing right now! Podcasting is 10x easier to create than video especially if you don’t have a team, an editor, an extrovert personality, naturally storyteller that shows people what they need to learn and a DIY’er. 

Youtube takes a minimum of 6 hours a week to produce 5 minute Youtube video. Podcasting will take you a max of 6 to create a 30+ min podcast episode including your marketing and editing. (these are my numbers and my experiences)

You’re listener is more invested in you because they have been listening to you for a longer period of time and are more likely completely the entire episode. 

Where as on YouTube 50% of people that start watching your videos jump off in the first 30 seconds. Because your podcasting audience is so invested in you they are more likely to go over to your website … download that free awesome thing that you are handing out and now they are a warm person on your email list.

Pro Tip: Your main CTA in your opening, during and ending is your freebie opt-in. Give people an easy to remember URL and only ONE URL! We can’t remember more than one so send them in one place = your freebie. It will help them and you!


If you are on the fence about whether or not you should start a podcast … needless to say I’m a little bias and I would say “Go for it!” What have you got to lose? $50 on a dynamic USB microphone?! Easy risk! Try it!

Set the bar really low for yourself. Don’t do it perfectly. The best place to start is thinking of topic ideas that have a common thread (i.e. mine is about post launch podcast work) start writing out some outlines with one key goal per episode with support points underneath. 

Give podcasting a try. Record a few episodes and don’t forget that ONE strong CTA to your awesome freebie email opt-in.

You will find that podcasts are a super easy way for you to connect to your people (30+minutes!) With those juicy podcast episodes they are going to want to grab your freebie which will grow your email list. 

You’ll be able to produce podcast episodes faster than any other BIG content out there (aka … video) And lastly you’ll be able to have a personal calling card to get connected to amazing people inside industry that are experts in things that you are not an expert in.

Get imperfectly started.

And any questions … feel free to DM me over on Instagram (I love voice memos!) and ask me 🤩

You got this!

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    When you are creating online content the questions is ... "Should you use a podcast to get your brand out there?" It's time to get off the podcasting fence and make a choice. But maybe something is stopping you ... Here are a few juicy reasons why you should start a podcast.