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Ongoing Podcast Editing Service

A monthly, done-for-you service of editing your weekly podcast episodes, using my detailed 3 step episode polish process.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You wish you had more time in your business so you could focus on those money making tasks that you know will take you to the next level. You know you need to get out of the weeds of your podcast.

You want to consistently publish a weekly podcast episode for your show, but with so much to-do your skipping weeks and feeling further behind. 

You wish you could stop the panic cycle … scrambling the night before your episode is to go live … to finish editing your podcast episode.

You were looking to start your own business at home to have more time for you! But it feels like you are on this constant hustle cycle you can’t get off, with no time left for what matters most.

What if you could...

Hit record and create a podcast episode, hand it off to someone else for the hours of editing you don’t want to do anymore. And a week later have a polished podcast episode that is ready for publication including a click of a checkbox and all your episode SEO is loaded for you as well. Podcasting just got 10X easier! Whoo-hoo!

Introducing your

Ongoing Podcast Editing service

$300 USD/per month

*min 3 month commitment

Your monthly done-for-you podcast editing service you can count on to save you time, without hiring a team and knowing your episode is in good hands as I put each episode through my proven 3 step episode polish process.

For entrepreneurs who want to gain back CEO time, so they can focus on up-leveling their business and themselves! Which extends their reach, increases their revenue — without sacrificing more working hours to do so.

Here's what you'll get

Plus ...

$300 USD/per month

*min 3 month commitment

“Sharon is amazing. She’s the addition to my team that I needed. I love that she cares so much about each client. She delievers each episode on time with a high level of care and attention to detail in her editing so I don’t feel like I have to relisten to make sure it was edited okay. Since hiring her, I’ve had increased podcast downloads, great reviews and less stress in producing my podcast. I’m so grateful for her and 100% recommend her to anyone!” [for my Podcast Editing Services]
Hannah Murphy
host of the Taking Action Podcast

Plus Over $347 worth of bonuses

Bonus One

Access to the "Podcast Mic Set Up" lesson inside your client dashboard. Double-check your microphone and recording setup… is it set up correctly?!

Bonus Two

Access to my Podcast Episode Outline Template And Guide … my secret sauce to keep listeners listening.

Bonus Three

Ask me anything monthly Q&A's … send my your questions and I’ll upload an audio file of answers to them once a month … need some personalized feedback?!

Bonus Four

You get access to the affiliate team … have a friend that needs podcast editing assistance? Tell them about this service and with their successful signup you'll receive $300 credit towards your next editing invoice.

Bonus fIVE

Access to the "Recording Guest Episodes" lesson inside your client dashboard. With info inside about quick tips for recording remote podcast interviews and the tools to do so.

Bonus Six

Access to the "Podcast SEO" lesson inside your client dashboard. Giving you the quick and dirty all about podcast SEO, and ID3 tagging. Get your podcast copy working on evergreen for you to bring new listeners.

What's not included ...

"Sharon has a detail-oriented and streamlined process. Working with her is a breeze and will save you so much time on tasks that you didn't enjoy in the first place! I can now spend those two free days doing ... anything else!" [for my Podcast Editing Services]
Krista Rae Miller
Online Summit Expert  & Host of the Summit Host Hangout Podcast

Your productive and organized journey to create podcast episodes quickly begins today.

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You can imagine exactly what your life will look like after you start creating podcast episodes quicker ...

You’ll be able to take one entire day — set it aside and work on setting up that email sales funnel you’ve been meaning too. Automated money machine working in the background of your business.

You’ll be able to take a “sick day” off work without that panicky feeling like you are going to screw everything up because you took the day off. Yikes!

You’ll be able to plan big for your company. Taking time to collect and analyze the data you have to make big move decisions because you finally set aside time to be CEO.


"I've been able to focus on the creative side of my business since I can confidently trust Just Keep Podcasting to handle my podcast editing. My show's number of downloads continues to grow. I KNOW that Just Keep Podcasting will take care of my podcast editing in a professional and timely manner. Initially, I was nervous about trusting someone else with my podcast, but that changed real quick. Absolutely a good value! I have no hesitations recommending Sharon's podcast editing services to anyone."
Andrea Heyman
host of the Adventures In Feeding My Fam Podcast

This service is not just a service or an agency but a community, resource, and perfect editing process run by someone who cares about you and your podcast!

You are not another number in our service program but a person that is running yourself around in circles looking for a way to gain back just a little bit more time so you can work in your zone-of-genius. We’ve got you covered. 


Have podcasting questions? Ask away! Or submit a small audio sample for me to preview and I'll answer via our weekly private, client-only Q&A (not hosted live ... so NOT another date to remeber!)


From podcast episode outline template and guide, to where and how to place your microphone to what type of remote recording tools to use ... I've got you covered. Need something more?! Ask me!

The Process

My 3 Step Episode Polish Process ensures that every episode that crosses our "desk" is treated and produced the same way to achieve high quality. #1. Editing Secret Sauce Mix Rubbed Over #2. Audio File Cleaned #3.Podcast SEO Applied

Space is Limited

Why wait?! Start getting your podcast episodes professionally edited today and save yourself 15 hours of work this month!

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

How I work ...

I work on a weekly batch schedule where I take all of the episodes and put them through my 3 Step Episode Polishing Process throughout the week. Breaking this down means that I’m mixing episodes Monday and Tuesday, and podcast SEO and uploading by Friday! 

Because of this, there is a weekly episode submission deadline of every Friday at 3 pm EST so you can receive your perfectly polished episode by the next Friday at 3 pm EST.

"Sharon is part of my team and really wants me to be successful. She always makes time to answer questions. Even the little ones that I probably know the answers to. I had hesitations because I never had anyone work with me on my podcast. Because Sharon works will another fellow podcaster, I knew that she would be great. I am glad that I trusted my gut. I am not into micromanaging, so I really wanted someone that I could release task to and would handle it well. Working with Sharon has been everything I could ask for. Having someone on your team to help you with your podcast is the best investment that you can make." [for my Podcast Pitching Services]
Toni-Ann Mayembe
Host of the Real Happy Host Podcast
Featured in:

Hey, I'm Sharon!

I’m obsessed with helping female entrepreneurs that run their podcasts with passion.

You have a lot to share and your message needs to get out there to help your people! 

My passion for podcasting started in 2018. But I didn’t think Podcasting would be “right” for my business. I tried taking my mom blog (Elite Mom Planning) to Youtube channel.

After 9 months of constant work I pulled the plug — it was a flop! My audience wasn’t there.

I was heartbroken, but in the process I had learned so much! Like editing audio, creating SEO descriptions, production schedules etc.

I’ve been blogging since 2016 and already accomplished the Pinterest, FB, and #allthebloggingthings.

So I finally dove into the dream of mom podcasting! Boom! My email list went from a frozen year (when I was YouTubing),  to 21% increase in just FOUR months with my mom podcast!!! 

Let me help you do that!

I’m a work-from-home-mom myself. My hubby and I have 5 kids aged 11 – 3! And when I’m not cooking spaghetti (again) or decluttering our house or driving carpool or writing Christian Fiction or editing podcasts #allthethings #mylifeismessytoo …

You’ll find me a few times each week in the barn milking cows! Yep, I milk cows too — on our proudly family-owned and operated Canadian dairy farm! (Holstein breed if you are curious 😉 )

Where do you want to be in 3 months from now?

If you are ready to ditch the detail overwhelm from podcast episode editing, this ongoing editing service will be the easy time-saver that you’ve been looking for. Your transition from creative podcaster hot-mess-express to CEO with a boss podcast starts now. 

There's never been a better time to get your podcasting time back

Starting with me today will allow you to …

If you wait ...

If you wait to get started … you are only going to keep DIYing your hot-mess-express called your podcast and you’ll keep treading on the endless content creation cycle leading to burnout where in the end you wonder “What is the point of podcasting?” 

… 3 months from now you’ll wish you had your podcast organized and planned out — which you could do if you had more time. Create space for yourself to work on your business instead of in your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, my services are never “open” or “closed” but done by client application only. Apply here to be a client. 😉

There is a 3-month commitment I ask from new clients as it typically takes a while to work out all the kinks. For returning clients — welcome back! (and come and go as your please)

This is a service is all about podcast editing! You’ll be recording than dropping your podcast episodes with me and my team one week. We’ll then put your episode through my 3 Step Episode Polishing Process, which includes professional podcast editing (of course) as well as, adding intros, outros, and midrolls, and the cherry on top I’ll write podcast SEO onto your audio file (the best place for SEO!). I’ll hand it back to you the following week, ready for publication. 

For as long as you want! It is a monthly payment to be a part of this service. If at any time after our first 3 months of working together you want to cancel this service, I ask you to give me a 14-day heads up and we will go from there. 

You get 4 podcast episodes professionally edited each calendar month.

  • Removal of “uhm’s” and “ah’s”, silent spaces, and interruptions.
  • Each episode is put through my 3 Step Episode Polish Process … which means I layer on my secret sauce 🤫 of filters, and equalizer on the files a certain way.
  • Intro, outro, and midroll files added to each episode.
  • One additional revision completed as per requested.
  • SEO applied to each podcast episode file (or called ID3 tagging).
  • BONUS of one additional episode edited every quarter to cover that 5 week month
  • Access to the super simple Client Dashboard, which is the place to drop files and access your bonuses. Podcasting questions answered in our monthly Q&A, which is not live, so no need to add another thing to your already busy calendar, just drop me your question.
  • Feedback to improve audio quality (if needed).

Your investment is $300 USD per month with a min 3-month commitment for new clients.

My turnaround time for editing your podcast is one week. I’ll ask that you drop your episodes that need to be edited by a submission deadline of Friday at 3 pm EST and I’ll hand that episode back by the following Friday at 3 pm EST. This is so that I work all of the episodes through my weekly batching system and hand back to you the best product I can create. It looks like mixing on Monday, cleaning on Tuesday and by Friday applying the SEO and uploading. 

After you fill in a client application form here, I’ll research your show to see if we are a good fit and if I have room. Space is limited. Either way, you will get an email from me within 24 – 48 hours. If all is good to go on my end I’ll ask you to join me on a Connection Call for a quick 15 minutes or less chat, to answer any questions, and ask for more details about your podcast show.

I DO! If you are a current client you will receive a $300 credit towards your next month’s bill. This will be applied for every successful signup of someone you refer to this service. My way of saying “Thanks!” Just send your peeps to this page (yep, this one your on) and when they fill in the client application they will be asked: How did you hear about my podcast editing services? … and your person will write down your name. 

If you are NOT a current client … I’ve got something for you too …  for each successful referral you will receive $100 sent through via PayPal. 

"Sharon has been a lifesaver! I finally feel like we've got a great podcast process together. I feel super organized and my business runs more smoothly. I've also gotten ahead at my podcast recordings and I have saved so much time organizing interviews now that I work with Sharon! Sharon is amazing!" [for Podcast Management Services]
Cara Harvey
Work-From-Home Productivity Expert & host of the A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast Show

What happens when you jump into this Podcast Editing Service?

Step 1: Once you’ve filled in this client application we’ll set up a quick Connection Call (15 minutes). A no-strings-attached call where we will talk about your podcasting goals and needs. 

Step 2: Want to check out more details after our call?! Super easy. I’ll send you my Podcast Editing Proposal. 

Step 3: If all is looking good, with just a few clicks you can sign up and jump right into my podcast editing services with instant access to your Client Dashboard. 

Your life before getting help: 

Your life after getting help:

The choice is yours busy podcaster ...

You can keep working in circles, spending your precious time editing episodes …


You can use this Ongoing Podcast Editing Service to support your solopreneur (or near solopreneur) business

Your productive and organized journey to create podcast episodes quickly begins today.

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Get started right away with my checklist that will turn hours spent each week creating a podcast episode into a fast and flawless production.

Take your podcast episode from idea to publish and promoted with the 22 step process checklist. Make episodes the easy way.


    I help podcasting fempreneurs overcome the inconsistency, stress, and overwhelm with publishing regular podcast episodes 🎧 so they can grow their platform, get their message out to the world and increase their revenue with less anxiety and without cutting into more Family Time ⏱️

    Episodes edited by Just Keep Podcasting (a.k.a. Sharon 😘 )