So podcasts are easier to produce … easier than Youtube videos (that’s what I think)


➡️ but podcast episodes each have at least 22 steps that you need to take to go from idea to archived

➡️ and for those 22 steps you need to take per episode typically you are taking those steps on 4 different episodes (if not more) all at the same time!


So how can you keep your podcast simple, organized, and all everything related to Podcast in one place … Let me show you this cool trick. 


Enter in your podcast data bank. In a nut shell it’s the brain of information about your podcast that you store in a spreadsheet instead of storing it in your brain. Let’s dive a little deeper …

What is a podcast data bank?


A podcast data bank is a spreadsheet that’s kept in one place where you keep track of all things podcasting. All things you need to know about YOUR podcast. 


Whether it’s a guest interview work flow or your episodes checklist …your marketing images and the copy that goes with each of your images. It is a place that you work on your podcast and it’s the place where you input your podcast information like that *sweet* embed code that you grab near the end of the process with a sigh of relief. 


I love doing this and use this data bank system for myself and my clients. It gives my peace of mind. That way if google updates their algorithm and you need to update all your show notes with one tiny SEO detail you’ll be going through your spreadsheet, adding an “update SEO” checkbox and click each shownote link to go through and update each shownotes post for better SEO … or maybe your’ll hire a VA to do it for you, in which case they are paid by the hour and this organized company that you are running will literally save you money as your VA just clicks through what she needs and no time is wasted trying to find links and shownote pieces. (cue confetti) 


What I use to keep my podcasts and my clients podcast organized is my podcast data bank template. A podcast template that does one or two things for me.


1 | Keeps Me Organized


Everything that you need for your podcast is right in one place. No more looking for missing links for show notes.

No more trying to remember your hex code color for your customized player button. All in one place … which make it easier to bring on a team member or a freelancer like a podcast editor. Literally saving you money … especially if you are being charged by the hour. You’ll grant them access to your spreadsheet as a “visitor” and voila!

They have access to all your podcast information that they need.


And in all honesty with 5 kids and my home not my top, top priority … my house is not the cleanest. I wasn’t about to tour the www through my messy house and be someone I’m not.


I loved turning on the camera and just talking! Not very exciting videography … I don’t blame myaudiencee for not jumping on board with those video. 


The data forced me to pivot away from Youtube where I thought I “had” to be because everyone would be watching video online by the year 2020 (apparently that was the stat 🤷‍♀️) and so I switched to podcasting.


The results are in (Pro Tip: always check your data) podcasting shot me from a frozen email list for one year while I was on YouTube to a 21% email list increase in less than 5 months while podcasting! (exact same audience!) Blew my mind. 


Consistently publishing weekly episodes (which I recommend … even though I’m taking a pause right now) while promoting my freebie as my midroll (which again I recommend) I was able to keep up with production and marketing by myself (while taking care of my 5 kids!) 


Because podcasting has approximately 22 steps … whereas Youtube … 52! Yikes! Huge difference. Whole point = podcasting is easier!


2 | Keeps Me Efficient


Everything that you have for your podcast is all in this one place. Your links your guest workflow and your episodes progress. My favorite part for using my podcast data bank template  is that it acts as my podcast ing brain. I don’t need to keep track of all the tiny pieces or which link ges where I just dump it out into my spreadsheet and move on.


​Where do you get started?


Super easy! My favorite tool … which I highly recommend is Airtable! I use it for myself and clients. 

If you’ve never heard of Airtbale before it’s like a google spreadsheet on a sugar high! So many sweet feature that make it super easy to use. I’ll show you a couple of those easy features here with my Ultimate Podcast Template Bundle … which is my podcast data bank! 🎉​ 

Gain more time as a podcaster by having a spreadsheet system to host all of your data epically if you are doing this by yourself.

But yeah! let’s do it. 

Get imperfectly started.

And any questions … feel free to DM me over on Instagram (I love voice memos!) and ask me 🤩

You got this!

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