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If there was one word to describe you, right now it would be: Independent Podcaster

But, if there was one word to describe your current feelings and content calendar it would be: Overwhelmed.

Whether you just need to free up one day to:


  • straighten out the email inbox and crown yourself an email ninja queen … a.k.a. you wrote and scheduled out your next 4 emails ☑️
  • really go over and fine-tooth comb your 💰 books … they need a little TLC
  • plan out your next product launch from start to finish … 🗺️ your customized roadmap will be the bomb and only you and create it
  • really just need a project day to put on your CEO hat, dream big and start brain dumping all those ideas that are so outside the box 📦
  • batch record the ENTIRE 🔥 next month of podcast episodes … whoo-hoo! 

You're in the right place.

Let’s free up some of your time by getting a timesuck task, that is outside of your zone of genius off your plate for good. In a super-easy way that doesn’t require an entire onboarding, training, employee insurance – system.  


Welcome to my ongoing podcast editing services

"Sharon has been a life saver! I finally feel like we've gotten a great podcast process together. I feel super organized and my business runs more smoothly. I've also gotten ahead at my podcast recordings and I have saved so much time organizing interviews now that I work with Sharon! Sharon is amazing! Working with Just Keep Podcasting Podcast Management Services was my first big investment when it came to outsourcing in my business. It was scary to make sure that there was an ROI. I can't even begin to measure the time ROI I've gained since working with Sharon! She keeps me focused on the goals of the podcast and I can tell she really cares about the show. Sharon has helped me level up my business and I love all the hours I've saved!"
Cara Harvey
Work-From-Home Productivity Expert & host of the A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast Show

I can help!

Something tells me that you’re a motivated podcasting boss, looking for some help and looking to get a few tasks that are NOT in your genuis-zone off your plate.

  • edit podcast episodes
  • mixing podcast episodes 
  • cleaning podcast episodes 
  • stitching podcast episodes 
  • tagging each podcast episode with SEO
  • someone to ask podcasting Q’s to


I’ve been there.

Learning something new.

Wondering if I'm doing things correctly ...

Wondering if I have enough time ...

Wondering if I'm going to crash and burnout ...

And let’s just say it … podcasting is not the only thing you have to work on in your business.

Why not outsource podcast editing to me? 

My mission:

I help the motivated but overwhelmed independent podcasters in the Productivity, Women’s Health, Kids & Family or Online Marketing niches, regain peace and clarity in their business by working on projects that fall outside of their zone-of-genius.

The gist is this: you’ve got tons of work to-do … responsibilities up to your eyeballs, … I’m here to help you run your business like a #podcastboss … by taking some headaches off your plate.

I’m an email away … or in this case a client application 🤗


I’m Sharon Schuler

I’m OBSESSED with helping overwhelmed yet motivated independent podcasters.

How did this become my life?

In 2015, our fourth baby was one year old. ( I have 5 kids and married to the man of my dreams) At 31 years old I had just bought my first laptop. I went nuts …🍭 like a kid in a candy store nuts! 

I dove neck-deep into blogging, which led to a huge education into YouTube, which led to Podcasting. All this time during which, I have my dream plan in the works of becoming a famous Christian Historical Romance fiction writer ✍️ (lol … we’ll see — I’m still dreaming) 


Out of all that learning and execution that I have done … I know that I can help other women like me.

I can help you with a dream that you are working on and yet feel like you have to

learn #allthethings online …

do #allthings …

and be #allthethings in order to grow your business.

Podcasting is beautiful … (I’m totally biased over here … as podcasting grew my email list by 21% in 4 months after being frozen for a year of trying YouTube 😱) … but podcasting is a PIECE of your business!

You have more work then just podcasting to do ... why not ask for help?!

"Sharon has a detail-oriented and streamlined process. Working with her is a breeze and will save you so much time on tasks that you didn't enjoy in the first place!"
Krista Rae Miller
Online Summit Expert & Host of the Summit Host Hangout Podcast

I can help you — the overwhelmed podcast boss — that wants to add more time back into your business. 

With 5 kiddos of my own (as a SAHWM!) — I totally get it! 

You have a lot going on. 

Add back your CEO time by contacting me, and adding me to your team as your podcast editor. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

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    I help podcasting female small business owners overcome the startup, inconsistency, stress, and overwhelm with publishing regular podcast episodes 🎧 so they can grow their platform, get their message out to the world and increase their revenue with less anxiety and without cutting into more family time ⏱️