Here's What My Clients Have To Say ...

Here’s what some of the Just Keep Podcasting current and past clients have to say about their podcasting services and experience.

Having JKP Services has made me feel so much less stressed about getting our podcasts edited and ready to go live. I loved how easy everything was with Sharon! The process was streamlined and so easy to submit our podcast and any time I ever had a question, Sharon would personally respond so quickly! I feel so well supported! I was nervous about whether or not it was worth the cost to have someone else do our editing, but my time and stress level were sooo worth it! Sharon is AMAZING! She gets everything delivered on time, is very responsive, and so easy to work with! I tell everyone I know to use JKP! ”

~ Brie Tucker, Co-Host and Executive Producer at the No Guilt Mom Podcast

The biggest result I’ve seen by hiring JKP is that my content feels stronger and more in line with my vision for the podcast. I’ve been able to turn over a very time-consuming part of podcasting to someone I trust and focus on what I’m wanting to share. The consistency and organization of JKP services is something I lean heavily on. I hesitated due to the money and because I enjoy editing. But I also enjoy doing other aspects of the podcast and feel good about giving the editing part. There are a lot of add-on services people offer and very expensive packages. I suggest going with editing and DIYing some of the other things if you’re able. It really is one of the most time-consuming components of maintaining a show and it feels great to have episodes ready to air as far in advance as you want to submit!

~ Allison Davis, host of the Mother Praxis Podcast

“Sharon is amazing. She’s the addition to my team that I needed. I love that she cares so much about each client. She delivers each episode on time with a high level of care and attention to detail in her editing so I don’t feel like I have to relisten to make sure it was edited okay. Since hiring her, I’ve had increased podcast downloads, great reviews and less stress in producing my podcast. I’m so grateful for her and 100% recommend her to anyone!” 

~ Hannah Murphy host of the Taking Action Podcast

“My podcast batch week was able to go from 4 days to 2 days per month. Days that I used to spend on podcast editing. Sharon has a detail-oriented and streamlined process. Working with her is a breeze and will save you so much time on tasks that you didn’t enjoy in the first place! Plus the audio quality is so much better! I can now spend those two free days doing … anything else!”

~ Krista Rae Miller, Online Summit Expert & Host of the Summit Host Hangout Podcast

“I’ve been able to focus on the creative side of my business since I can confidently trust Just Keep Podcasting to handle my podcast editing. My show’s number of downloads continues to grow. I KNOW that Just Keep Podcasting will take care of my podcast editing in a professional and timely manner. Initially, I was nervous about trusting someone else with my podcast, but that changed real quick. Absolutely a good value! I have no hesitations recommending Sharon’s podcast editing services to anyone.”

~ Andrea Heyman, host of the Adventures In Feeding My Fam Podcast

“Sharon has been a life saver! I finally feel like we’ve gotten a great podcast process together. I feel super organized and my business runs more smoothly. I’ve also gotten ahead at my podcast recordings and I have saved so much time organizing interviews now that I work with Sharon! Sharon is amazing! Working with Just Keep Podcasting Podcast Management Services was my first big investment when it came to outsourcing in my business. It was scary to make sure that there was an ROI. I can’t even begin to measure the time ROI I’ve gained since working with Sharon! She keeps me focused on the goals of the podcast and I can tell she really cares about the show. Sharon has helped me level up my business and I love all the hours I’ve saved!” 

~Cara Harvey, Work-From-Home Productivity Expert & host of the A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast Show

“Having someone on your team to help you with your podcast is the best invest that you can make. I have been able to spend more time creating content for the podcast. Sharon is part of my team and really wants me to be successful. She always makes time to answer questions. Even the little ones that I probably know the answers to. I had hesitations because I never had anyone work with me on my podcast before. But because Sharon works will another fellow podcaster, I knew that she would be great. I am glad that I trusted my gut. I am not into micromanaging, so I really wanted someone that I could release tasks to and would handle it well. Working with Sharon has been everything I could ask for.” 

~ Toni-Ann Mayembe, host of the Real Happy Mom Podcast

Before using JKP Services, I was overwhelmed with the idea and processes of pitching myself to podcasts. Within less than a month into the process, I was booked on a podcast…and 4 “Yes’s” came shortly after that! This has helped me establish my authority on a broader level a lot quicker and increased visibility for my book (as the royalty checks have doubled!). My FAVORITE part of using JKP Services is Sharon! She TOTALLY gets me and my heart and passion…and is FOR me in all that she does for me (& her assistant, MacKenzie is equally awesome too!) My other favorite thing about JKP is that they have a strategic system in place that makes the pitching process run smoothly. in terms of follow-up and follow-through and that keeps the communication channels open. I had plenty of hesitation about using any kind of podcast pitching service. Being a solopreneur, I tend to “DIY” with most things. But there comes a point, if you want your business to grow (which I do), then you have to delegate. BUT, you don’t want to delegate to just anybody. You want professionals who are personable and passionate about, and competent in what they do…and who “get you” and believe in you and your business. Sharon, MacKenzie, and JKP Services is just that! It is the best investment I’ve made this year! Now, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them — unreservedly —  to anyone who could use their services. If you’re looking for help with podcast pitching, then look no further and hire JKP Services. If you’re not looking for help with podcast pitching, you should. And JKP Services is the place to go for all your podcast pitching needs! It’ll be the best investment you’ll make…in yourself…and in your business.”

~ Dr. Michelle Deering, Mother Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer | Best-Selling Author | Speaker | Licensed Psychologist and host of the Mother Daughter Connections Podcast

My podcast is up and running and finally published because of Sharon and her team! Podcasting was something I had on my “next year plan” because I thought it was going to take a tremendous amount of time and effort on my part. Spoiler alert: it did not! I was super impressed how quickly they walked me through my part, turned it around, and got my podcast approved. It all happened so fast! But a good fast! I’d love to say everything is my favorite part of working with them but I would say communication is my absolute favorite. I’m able to just hand everything off to them and I have clear expectations and deadlines. I don’t have to question what the next steps are or what I need to do. And also, their positivity and support and motivation is amazing too! Sharon and her team came highly recommended so I didn’t have any hesitations of working with them specifically. I did of course have hesitations about hiring anyone and had all those fears – “It’s going to cost too much money”, “I’m not going to have the time to onboard someone”, “How can I hire someone if I don’t know much about podcasting in the first place?” But after the very first call, I could tell Sharon not only knew what she was doing, but cared about my podcast and I felt completely comfortable leaving my “podcast baby” in her hands! Just do it. Sharon and her team take so much off your plate and they make it super simple to work with them. It’s a no-brainer, really. If you want your business and podcast to succeed, turn it over to a team that knows what they’re doing.” 

~ Elisa Giorgio, host of Mama Blueprints Podcast

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