“I found the JKP’s podcast years ago when I decided to start my own podcast. I remember thinking “one day I want to hire her for editing and/or coaching”. Sharon has held my hand as I have navigated the ins and outs of my podcast outline, intro, and has made my episodes sound smooth as butter! The “ums” and awkward silences are GONE and I don’t mind listening to my voice so much anymore. It’s obvious when talking with Sharon that this is her passion. My favorite part of working with Sharon is — Voxer! I have a hard time getting my every thought in an email or document, so Voxer has been phenomenal for me to stay on track & communicate with Sharon as we navigate each episode together. My only hesitation initially was money. I knew when I listened to the JKP podcast, Sharon was my girl. Her kind and confident presence made me feel right at home when listening to her episodes. Any advice for fellow podcasters is to — Just do it!! Save your creative energy for the content you’re creating, and let Sharon do the rest!! Thank you Sharon for all you’ve done to help Still In the Chaos Podcast get off the ground!!!” [for Podcast Editing and Coaching Services]