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Show Notes Clean Up Editor

This job is for you if …

What does a Show Notes Up Editor do?

What are you waiting for?


#1. Flexible Workload

Start with the workload you can handle. Only need 2 hours of work a week?! No problem.

#2. Flexible Hours

I do have a Thursday to Friday window for this job to be completed but WHEN you work during that time frame is completely up to you!

#3. Paid Per Show Note

Don't track your time - but results. Long show notes (16 min+ ep) is a full pay and short show notes (15 min or less per ep) is half pay. $20 CAD full pay - $10 CAD half pay [ Bi-weekly payout]

#4. Show Notes Clean Up Editor Training

No previous training or experience required. Just a willingness to learn, work and write.

Tools + Equipment you will need:


Hi, I'm Sharon!

I'm a podcast service provider now for over 4 years! First starting in YouTube and then switching over to podcasts when I realized my audience wasn't on YouTube. I love building out systems and a great client experience.

I'm a Canadian wife, mom, dairy farmer and Christian. I love to learn and experiment and grow with my data --- not the drama.