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“Sharon is part of my team and really wants me to be successful. She always makes time to answer questions. Even the little ones that I probably know the answers to. I had hesitations because I never had anyone work with me on my podcast. Because Sharon works will another fellow podcaster, I knew that she would be great. I am glad that I trusted my gut. I am not into micromanaging, so I really wanted someone that I could release task to and would handle it well. Working with Sharon has been everything I could ask for. Having someone on your team to help you with your podcast is the best investment that you can make.”

Toni-Ann Mayembe, Host of the Real Happy Host Podcast

“My FAVORITE part of using JKP Services is Sharon! She TOTALLY gets me and my heart and passion…and is FOR me in all that she does for me. My other favorite thing about JKP is that they have a strategic system in place that makes the pitching process run smoothly. Before using JKP Services, I was overwhelmed with the idea and processes of pitching myself to podcasts. Within less than a month into the process, I was booked on a podcast…and 4 “Yes’s” came shortly after that! This has helped me establish my authority on a broader level a lot quicker and increased visibility for my book (as the royalty checks have doubled!).”

Dr. Michelle Deering, Mother Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer | Best-Selling Author | Speaker | Licensed Psychologist and host of the Mother Daughter Connections Podcast

“Sharon has a detail-oriented and streamlined process. Working with her is a breeze and will save you so much time on tasks that you didn’t enjoy in the first place!” [for podcast editing services]

Krista Rae Miller, Online Summit Expert  & host of the Summit Host Hangout Podcast

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