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You are all signed up for Podcast Coaching! I’m so excited you are here and I can’t wait to get to know you more and deep dive into your podcasting. 

Follow the steps below to get started, and since you’re notification has now gone through to me, I’ll be reaching out and double checking that we are connected in the next 48 hours [Monday – Friday]


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Step 1: Schedule A Call

Let me know which time and day you want set aside for podcast coaching. Click the button below to book a time, day and to get your call link. Expect to also get a personal email from me after you book to confirm your call.

Step 2: Define Your Success

Write down the ONE thing that would make this upcoming podcasting coaching call a success. If we could solve one thing for your podcast on our call … What would it be?! Then let me know in this form here ⬇️

Step 3: Download Voxer

This is a free voice messaging system that you can download from your app store for free and create an account to get you started. .

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: My username is sharonschuler Say “Hello!” — that way we are connected for our accountability week! 👋

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