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Know other podcasters who are looking for an efficient podcast service provider they can trust?

Along with my sincere thanks, I would love to show my gratitude financially.

If you have benefited from my services and you're telling others --- then I want to support you too. It's my way to say thank you!


“A referrer is a person who sends or directs someone to an expert or specialist for consideration”

The Payout: for each successful referral you will receive $100 sent through via PayPal ( … money in the bank šŸ’°)

The Details: When you are referring someone, send them to this URL as it has all the details, the client application, and pricing: http://www.justkeeppodcasting.com/services

Once they sign up — part of their client application is they tell me how they found out about my services … and they’ll say YOU! But feel free to send me a message when you recommend someone so I can double-check if they signed up and then I’ll send you your referral payout.Ā 


Sharon SchulerĀ 

Podcast Editor & Coach

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