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A 90-day focus of getting your name out there quickly — like it’s your podcast guesting World Tour Show.

I guest pitch out women that have a passionate message to share in the parenting, family, teachers, kids, or women's health niches; to other podcasts.

Does this sound like you?

You wish you  had more reach in your business so you could get your unique message to the people that need to hear it, but you don’t want it to take the next two years + slow marketing techniques to see the reach!

You were looking to start your own business at home to have more time for you! But it feels like you are on this constant hustle cycle you can’t get off, with no time left for what matters most.

You want to build out an “As Seen In” page on your website with legit connections behind each logo. You are so proud that your names are connected, but your not sure where to start.

You're not alone

You want to make those connections ...

➡️ But you don’t want to take 2 years of slow growth strategies

➡️ You are overwhelmed with the idea and processes of pitching yourself out to other podcasts.

➡️ You want to make connections with other people in your industry but you don’t know who to reach out to first

➡️ You dream of creating an audience of passionate people that heard about you from a podcast show, but where to find the time to pitch people?

Imagine the Possibility

There's never been a better time to get Visible as a guest on a podcast

Starting with me today will allow you to …

If you wait to get started … you are only going to keep DIYing your hot-mess-express called your podcast visibility plan and you’ll keep treading on the endless “should I?” “shouldn’t I?” cycle leading to burnout where in the end you wonder “What is the point of refining my message?” 

… 3 months from now you’ll wish you had your podcast pitching organized and happening.

What if you could...

Open your email and see the “Yes!” lined up already for you! All you have to do is book a time, jump in an interview, and WOW! You’re done! Whoo-hoo! Showing up for your people just got 10X easier. 


VIP Podcast Pitching package

A 90-day focus of getting your name out there quickly — to build your “As-Seen-In” page, and featured image bar. But mostly importantly bringing your name and topics to ideal listeners.  

Plus ...

$997 USD

one-time payment or payment plan available

“Getting visibility has been great!  I was able to expand my audience to different areas of the country and into the UK and Australia. With one podcast host, I made a great connection where she purchased my course, loved it and has since contacted me to do some additional consulting work with an organization she works with. Very exciting![for Podcast Pitching Services]

~ ~ Elizabeth Peterson, Founder of the The Inspired

Done-for-you Service

How This Service Works?

My whole goal for you with this service is to get those “yes’s” for you … line em’ up so you can hit them out of the park. And nope, it’s not cold it’s smart – because you are going to be building connections and even friendships with these future people you will meet. So after you sign up here’s what our next 90 days together will look like to get your Podcast PRESS off the ground. 

Step 1

Nail Your Niche

Not that we are going to reinvent the wheel here, but we are going to go over who you are and what you do with words that will grab, inspire and get people curious to chat with you. 

Step 2

Process Your Pitches

Step 2 will be all about me setting up your podcast pitching into my system and pitching you out. 

Step 3

Getting the "YES!"

Podcast pitching comes in waves! As podcast show’s production schedules are all different. Some booking 6 months out! But this is the step that the “Yes’s!” will start to roll in. 

Reserve your spot now and get immediate access to your Client Dashboard full of bonus pitching templates, pitching resources and pitching strategies totally FREE!

Did someone say bonuses?!

As-Seen-In-Page Template

Show off your PRESS spots, and honor your podcast show host guests all in one place.

One Sheet Mockup

This secret weapon of podcast pitching is the lady the goes before you’re call to pave the way for you. 

Instagram Canva Templates

There are a couple of different ways to market your interview on Instagram. Here’s how …

Press Page Template

Make life easier for you and your host, by having a press page. 

What's not included ...

 “Money was a hesitation, but what I’ve gotten out of the experience was worth it! And let’s face it, it’s priceless to have someone as organized and knowledgeable as Sharon to just take care of things. All I had to do was wait for booking links and get interviewed! If you want exposure and to make connections with others in your industry, podcasting is a great way to do that and Sharon will hold your hand and make sure it’s done professionally.[for Podcast Pitching Services]

~ ~ Elizabeth Peterson, Founder of the The Inspired

Your productive and organized journey to getting your message out there begins today.

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"I Highly recommend Sharon!"

“Before using JKP Services, I was overwhelmed with the idea and processes of pitching myself to podcasts. Within less than a month into the process, I was booked on a podcast…and 4 “Yes’s” came shortly after that! This has helped me establish my authority on a broader level a lot quicker and increased visibility for my book (as the royalty checks have doubled!).”

– Dr. Michelle Deering Mother Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer | Best-Selling Author | Speaker | Licensed Psychologist and host of the Mother Daughter Connections Podcast

Where do you want to be in 3 months from now?

If you are ready to ditch the detail overwhelm from podcast pitching, this ongoing service will be the easy time-saver that you’ve been looking for. Your transition from “wishing-to-get-out-there”  to “as-seen-in-CEO” and that starts now. 

Reserve your spot and get started today!


"Sharon is AMAZING!"

“My FAVORITE part of using JKP Services is Sharon! She TOTALLY gets me and my heart and passion…and is FOR me in all that she does for me. My other favorite thing about JKP is that they have a strategic system in place that makes the pitching process run smoothly.” – Dr. Michelle Deering, Licensed Psychologist and host of the Mother Daughter Connections Podcast

“Sharon has been a lifesaver! I feel super organized and my business runs more smoothly. I’ve also gotten ahead at my podcast recordings and I have saved so much time organizing interviews now that I work with Sharon! Sharon is amazing!” [for Podcast Management Services] -Cara Harvey, host of the Purpose Driven Mom Podcast Show

 “Working with Sharon has been everything I could ask for. Having someone on your team to help you with your podcast is the best investment that you can make.” [for Podcast Pitching Services]
– Toni-Ann Mayembe, Host of the Real Happy Mom Podcast

Is Podcast Pitching for me?

I get it! You may still be wondering if hiring me to help you with your podcast pitching is right for you at this time. And it’s a fair question, because for some people they are really not ready, and others were ready last week! It all depends. Here are a few things I’ve seen …

This is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

“Working with Sharon was my favorite part. Sharon is always positive and very organized.  It is exciting to get a new listing of podcasts each month. She always came up with a thoughtful list to pitch. The onboarding process was very well done.  I thoroughly enjoyed brainstorming with Sharon and working on wording for my One Sheet. Sharon has a knack for marketing copy and getting my ideas into wording that is enticing for podcast hosts to want to know more! [for Podcast Pitching Services]

~ ~ Elizabeth Peterson, Founder of the The Inspired

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Meet Your Podcast PR

Hello, I'm Sharon!

I help podcasting female small business owners overcome the startup, inconsistency, stress, and overwhelm with publishing regular podcast episodes 🎧 and get their message out into the world. That way they can grow their platform, increase their revenue, all while building connection, with less anxiety and without cutting into more family time ⏱️

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You've got questions? We have answers!

Actually, my services are never “open” or “closed” but done by first come, first serve basis only. Once all my spots are filled — I’ll put up a waitlist here. 😉

This is a service is all about podcast pitching! You’ll get 6 “Yes’s!” guaranteed (or your money back) as well as a customized One Sheet template, a pitch tracker and a whole portal of bonuses to help you on your Podcast PRESS journey. You also get weekday Monday email update from me. (as needed) 

90 days! That’s our timeline to working together because the best experiences and results that I’ve had with clients are the ones that are all in for a short amount of time. 

I pitch women that have a passionate message to share in the parenting, teachers, for moms, family, kids, or women’s health niches (physically, mentality, spiritually). These are really broad topics and I can fit a lot of women into these topics, but no I don’t take on clients that are experts outside of these topic areas. 

Your investment is $997 USD as a one-time payment or there is a payment plan option available as well. 

After you fill in a client application form here —if we are a good fit you’ll be directed to the Services Summary and Contract page, and lastly you’ll be directed to the  Payment options page. 

Then (Whoo-Hoo!) you are all signed up, and we are ready to schedule your onboarding call so we can chat about your topics. 

If you have any questions along the way, please email me. (my email address will pop up a little later in this sign on process … no worries! I’ve got you covered) 

I DO!  For each successful referral you will receive one month of my podcast pitching services for free!

Details of my referral program can be found here

If you see this page I still have spots open! (YAY!) so sign up and jump in today and we can start working on getting your name out there! 

“I needed to get myself pitched to more podcasts without needing to take all that time and brain space to do it myself. I really needed that bandwidth freed up so I could focus on other areas of my business. My favorite part of working with Sharon was her enthusiasm and the way she celebrated every single “YES!” with me. She really cares about the success of her clients, and shows that. Not only is her enthusiasm contagious, her systems and processes are efficient, as well. I didn’t have any hesitations about hiring Sharon because she has been one of the only people to cold pitch me that I enjoyed.”

~ Krista Lockwood, Host of the Motherhood Simplified Podcast

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