Podcast Management Services

A monthly, done-for-you service of managing your weekly podcast show.

I manage podcast shows for small business owners. So they record and be done.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You wish you had more time in your business so you could focus on those money making tasks that you know will take you to the next level. You know you need to get out of the weeds of your podcast schedule.

You want to consistently publish a weekly podcast episode for your show, but with so much to-do your skipping weeks and feeling further behind. 

You wish you could stop the panic cycle … scrambling the night before your episode is to go live … to finish editing and uploading your podcast episode.

You were looking to start your own business at home to have more time for you! But it feels like you are on this constant hustle cycle you can’t get off, with no time left for what matters most.

What if you could...

Hit record and create a podcast episode, hand it off to someone else to finish up. Saving yourself hours of writing, scheduling, and creating. Why not — a week later, have it all done! Podcasting just got 10X easier! Whoo-hoo!

There's never been a better time to get your podcasting time back

Starting with me today will allow you to …

If you wait ...

If you wait to get started … you are only going to keep DIYing your hot-mess-express called your podcast and you’ll keep treading on the endless content creation cycle leading to burnout where in the end you wonder “What is the point of podcasting?” 

… 3 months from now you’ll wish you had your podcast organized and planned out — which you could do if you had more time. Create space for yourself to work on your business instead of in your business. 

Imagine what your life will look like after you start creating podcast episodes faster...

You’ll be able to take one entire day — set it aside and work on setting up that email sales funnel you’ve been meaning too. Automated money machine working in the background of your business.

You’ll be able to plan big for your company. Taking time to collect and analyze the data you have to make big move decisions because you finally set aside time to be CEO.


You’ll be able to take a “sick day” off work without that panicky feeling like you are going to screw everything up because you took the day off. Yikes!

Introducing done-for-you podcast Management

*min 3 month commitment

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Customized doesn’t mean more expensive but it does mean well thought out plan for what is needed for your podcast show.

Looking for something else?

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Not a weekly podcast?

You are publishing episodes that don't exactly fit the "weekly" box. Maybe you only publish only one or two episodes a month?! Maybe you publish twice a week?! Regardless you need something customized for your podcast show. Get in touch by completing the application form below and we can create a customized package for you based on your needs.

USD/per month

*min 3 month commitment

Podcast Management Package $467

Details of what's included

Not only does my podcast management package include professional podcast editing by myself and my team but is also includes these:

Upload & Schedule Into Your Podcast Hosting Platform

Get your episode uploaded, scheduled out in your podcast hosting platform of choice. 

This detail in my podcast management service is all about helping you save time and not having to worry about touching your podcast episode again. Your episode will be uploaded & scheduled out to go live, in your podcast hosting platform of your choice. Add me to your PM and let’s get started.

  • Episode is uploaded into your podcast hosting
  • Episode data filled out in your podcast hosting with the title and podcast episode summary paragraph (provided by you)
  • Episode scheduled out on the date to go live as indicated

Super simple! Hand me your edited episode (or sign up for my podcast editing package) then add me to your podcast project management tool as a team member and I can grab all the episode details like: due date.

Also use LastPass to add me to the back end of your podcast hosting platform and then sit back relax, and watch episode after episode go live without worry!

Show Notes Creation

Give each of your episodes a show note to showcase each episode, to link your marketing back to and with transcripts to improve your websites SEO. You worked hard to make it! Let’s create a home base to show it off. 

The details of this service is all about getting a home base established for each podcast episode in the form of a show notes for the start of your marketing strategy. Have a place that YOU own to send listeners too every time. 

  • Show notes written for each episode with a long form summary paragraph
  • Timestamps created for easy reading and listener marketing  
  • Podcast title created for each episode 
  • Episode embed player added
  • Show notes scheduled out for due date
  • Links mentioned added
  • Resources section added
  • Strategic Show notes template set up (see “show notes example” button above for the show notes that I provide my clients)

Add me to your podcast project management tool as a team member and I can grab all the episode details like: due date and resources links.

Also use LastPass to add me to the back end of your website platform so I can create, and schedule out the show notes for each episode.


Not only creating each of your podcast episodes accessible to everyone – but also creating a place where you can clip out quotes for social copy etc. making your marketing 10X easier! As well as adding more SEO juice to your show notes and website, making you a go to expert in your space. 

This part of the service is definitely two-fold = helping you and helping your listener. 

  • Full transcript of your podcast episode 
  • Timestamps are included
  • Speaker stamps are included
  • Transcript uploaded into your show notes, linked out and scheduled to go live

You don’t have to do anything to get us started. After I’ve completed the editing of you podcast episode, I’ll upload it to get it transcribe. This is done by an AI so it will be 90% accurate. I will go through and do a light edit, after which I will upload it to your show notes, as well as drop the link of you transcription into your PM under the appropriate episode as this will be a huge assets for you to pull out quotes, and create social copy from your transcription intro. 

Just make sure I’m added to your PM as well LastPass me into your website, and we are good to go. 

Guest Management

Leaving guest emails details with me! 

This service piece is all about the tiny details surrounding the guests that you invite on your show. If you don’t have the time or patience for the back and forth and follow up – this piece is for you. 

  • Sending booking emails with follow ups

  • Researching 5 optional guests for the month ahead for you

  • Sending recording links to guest

  • Thank you email and asking for details emails

  • Sending episode “going live” emails

To get started I will send you a Google doc of the email types I will be using (for your approval) – Then I will also send you access to a guest research spreadsheet. 

Then add me to your podcast project management tool as a team member I can grab all your episode ideas and update episodes as guest communicate. Also LastPass me into your zoom and calendar scheduler!

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What's not included ...

“Having JKP Services has made me feel so much less stressed about getting our podcasts edited and ready to go live. I loved how easy everything was with Sharon! The process was streamlined and so easy to submit our podcast and any time I ever had a question, Sharon would personally respond so quickly! I feel so well supported! I was nervous about whether or not it was worth the cost to have someone else do our editing, but my time and stress level were sooo worth it! Sharon is AMAZING! She gets everything delivered on time, is very responsive, and so easy to work with! I tell everyone I know to use JKP! ”
Brie Tucker
Co-Host and Executive Producer at the No Guilt Mom Podcast
"Sharon has a detail-oriented and streamlined process. Working with her is a breeze and will save you so much time on tasks that you didn't enjoy in the first place! I can now spend those two free days doing ... anything else!" [for my Podcast Editing Services]
Krista Rae Miller
Online Summit Expert  & Host of the Summit Host Hangout Podcast

Your productive and organized journey to create podcast episodes quickly begins today.

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Where do you want to be in 3 months from now?

If you are ready to ditch the overwhelm from podcast content creation, this ongoing podcast service is the easy time-saver you’ve been looking for. Your transition from creative podcaster hot-mess-express to CEO with a boss podcast starts now. 

You are not another number in my podcast services but a person that is running yourself around in circles looking for a way to gain back just a little bit more time so you can work in your zone-of-genius. I’ve got you covered. 


Have podcasting questions? Ask away! I'll answer via email. I love to add that extra support for my clients. Monday - Friday I check email once a day in the morning (EST).


From audio quality feedback to a podcast editorial system organization, ask away. You have me in your corner, so feel free to ask me for recommendations. I'm a Podcast Manger and Strategist, which means I've a bunch of different tools to help you with from my 4+ years of serving podcasters.


My 3 Step Episode Polish Process ensures that every episode that crosses my "desk" and my teams --- is treated and produced the same way to achieve high quality. #1. Editing Secret Sauce Mix Rubbed Over #2. Audio File Cleaned #3.Podcast SEO Applied.

Space is Limited

Why wait?! Start getting your podcast episodes professionally edited and managed today and save yourself 12 – 24+ hours of work this month!

Is hiring a Done-For-You service for you?

I get it! You may still be wondering if hiring me to help you with your podcast is right for you at this time. And it’s a fair question, because for some people, they are really not ready, and others were ready last week! It all depends. Here are a few things I’ve seen …

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

How I work ...

I work on a weekly batch schedule where I take all of the episodes and put them through my writing process – which takes a couple of days. Breaking this down means that I’m rough draft writing episodes Monday letting them sit for Tuesday, fresh eyes to edit and polish writing Wednesday, uploading scheduling and details completed by Thursday and everything is done by Friday! 

Because of this, I do ask my clients for space for a 7 day turnaround time.

"I've been able to focus on the creative side of my business since I can confidently trust Just Keep Podcasting to handle my podcast editing. My show's number of downloads continues to grow. I KNOW that Just Keep Podcasting will take care of my podcast editing in a professional and timely manner. Initially, I was nervous about trusting someone else with my podcast, but that changed real quick. Absolutely a good value! I have no hesitations recommending Sharon's podcast editing services to anyone."
Andrea Heyman
host of the Adventures In Feeding My Fam Podcast
“Sharon is amazing. She’s the addition to my team that I needed. I love that she cares so much about each client. She delivers each episode on time with a high level of care and attention to detail in her editing so I don’t feel like I have to relisten to make sure it was edited okay. Since hiring her, I’ve had increased podcast downloads, great reviews and less stress in producing my podcast. I’m so grateful for her and 100% recommend her to anyone!” [for my Podcast Editing Services]
Hannah Murphy
host of the Taking Action Podcast

Meet Your Podcast Service Provider

Hello, I'm Sharon!

I help podcasting small business owners overcome the startup, inconsistency, stress, and overwhelm with publishing regular podcast episodes 🎧 and get their message out into the world. That way they can grow their platform, increase their revenue, all while building connection, with less anxiety and without cutting into more family time ⏱️

Featured in:
"Sharon has been a lifesaver! I finally feel like we've got a great podcast process together. I feel super organized and my business runs more smoothly. I've also gotten ahead at my podcast recordings and I have saved so much time organizing interviews now that I work with Sharon! Sharon is amazing!" [for Podcast Management Services]
Cara Harvey
Work-From-Home Productivity Expert & host of the A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast Show

How it works

Here’s what happens when you fill in the form

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Step 1: I will be emailing you to let you know if I think we are a good fit or not. 

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Step 2: If we pass step 1 then I’ll ask you to jump on a connection call with me to talk about the details you are needing in a podcast service.

Get immediate access

Step 3: After that I send you a proposal to think through and you can sign up through there! With onboarding emails I’ll ask for what I need and you’ll be officially “hand-off” to produce your episodes! 

Your life before getting help: 

Your life after getting help:

"Sharon is part of my team and really wants me to be successful. She always makes time to answer questions. Even the little ones that I probably know the answers to. I had hesitations because I never had anyone work with me on my podcast. Because Sharon works will another fellow podcaster, I knew that she would be great. I am glad that I trusted my gut. I am not into micromanaging, so I really wanted someone that I could release task to and would handle it well. Working with Sharon has been everything I could ask for. Having someone on your team to help you with your podcast is the best investment that you can make." [for my Podcast Pitching Services]
Toni-Ann Mayembe
Host of the Real Happy Host Podcast
"The biggest result I've seen by hiring JKP is that my content feels stronger and more in line with my vision for the podcast. I've been able to turn over a very time-consuming part of podcasting to someone I trust and focus on what I'm wanting to share. The consistency and organization of JKP services is something I lean heavily on. I hesitated due to the money and because I enjoy editing. But I also enjoy doing other aspects of the podcast and feel good about giving the editing part. There are a lot of add-on services people offer and very expensive packages. I suggest going with editing and DIYing some of the other things if you're able. It really is one of the most time-consuming components of maintaining a show and it feels great to have episodes ready to air as far in advance as you want to submit!"
Allison Davis
host of the Mother Praxis Podcast

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, my services are never “open” or “closed” but done by first come, first serve basis only. Once all my spots are filled — I’ll put up a waitlist here. 😉

There is a 3-month commitment I ask from new clients as it typically takes a while to work out all the kinks. For returning clients — welcome back! (and come and go as your please) and when there comes a time that you need to cancel — just send me an email and I’ll cancel your services. No questions asked.

This is a service is all managing your podcast! 

You’ll be dropping your recorded episodes with me once a week. (or more, if you would like to get ahead) I’ll then put your episode through my 3 Step Episode Polishing Process, which includes professional podcast editing (of course) as well as, adding intros, outros, and midrolls, and the cherry on top I’ll write podcast SEO onto your audio file (the best place for SEO!).  

After that I will create your show notes, transcription, graphics, upload everything and schedule it all to go out. The only thing you will have left to do is your social media and sending out the email to your list that another podcast gem of yours just dropped.  

For as long as you want! It is a monthly payment to be a part of this service. If at any time after our first 3 months of working together you want to cancel this service, totally fine. Send me an email and let me know what you would like and I’ll help you do that, no questions asked.

Easy, peasy! There is a “Drop Off ”  folder in the Google Drive folder link that I’ll be sending you. Drop your episodes off there for me to pick up and edit. Make a folder if one episode has multiple files and start each file with the episode number! Nice and tidy.

As many as you need. Because you have added me to your podcast project management system —
– I have all the details I need for each episode (like the title). I will edit your episodes and get them back to you once a week, starting with your lowest episode number first.

And … Yes! if you have multiple files for one episode, make a folder for that episode. Calling the folder your episode number. 

You bet! The order of your podcast show, your intro, outro etc. is a question I ask you in your Onboarding Questionnaire … and obviously this is super important.

Also in each episode that you have in your podcast project management system — you can tag me with any additional comments about each episode as needed.

The short answer 60 minutes of raw audio file or less. 

There is no limit for the number of guests.

For the podcast editing piece of this package you get: 

  • Your weekly podcast episode professionally edited (and “Yes!’ we can work out how to “get ahead”)
  • Removal of “uhm’s” and “ah’s”, silent spaces, and interruptions.
  • Each episode is put through my 3 Step Episode Polish Process … which means I layer on my secret sauce 🤫 of filters, and equalizer on the files a certain way.
  • Intro, outro, and midroll files added to each episode.
  • One additional revision completed as per requested.
  • SEO applied to each podcast episode file (or called ID3 tagging). 
  • Feedback to improve audio quality (if needed).

For podcast management piece of this package you get:

  • Your podcast episode uploaded and scheduled out properly in your podcast hosting platform of choice
  • Show notes created for each episode.
  • 3 – 6 graphics created for show notes and so your social media marketing platform.
  • Transcripts created and uploaded into your PM as well as your shown notes.

For just podcast management — Your investment is $997 USD per month with a min 3-month commitment I ask for new clients. OR the customized price we put together for you on our quick call. 

My turnaround time for editing and management services is one week.

I’ll ask that you drop off your episodes by a submission deadline of Friday at 3 pm EST and I’ll have your episode ready to go by the following Friday at 3 pm EST. This is so that I work all of the episodes through my weekly batching system and hand back to you the best product I can create.

It looks like mixing on Monday, cleaning on Tuesday, applying SEO Thursday and uploading Friday. Plan on recording a week and a half to two weeks before your episode goes live, at minimum.

i.e. Record – week 0, Edit and upload – week 1, Going live – week 2.

After you fill in a client application form here — if we are a good fit you’ll be directed to the Thank You and Proposal page. Once you fill out the Contract, you’ll be redirected to the Payment options page. Once I email you your Google Drive folder link, start dropping off your episodes. 

I do! For every successful signup of someone you refer to this service, I will send you $100 via. PayPal. My way of saying “Thanks!”

Just send your peeps to this page (yep, this one your on) and when they fill in the client application they will be asked: How did you hear about my podcast editing plus services? … and your person will write down your name.   

Voila! More details here.

If you have a ton of episodes already recorded, then go ahead and drop them all in the Drop Off Google Drive folder and make sure all your details are ready to go in your podcast project management system.

That way I have all the files and information and you can be “hands-off” for a while. But you will be getting your episodes edited and returned to you one-by-one each Friday at 3pm EST.

I would suggest if you have too tight of a turnaround time … to not publish any episodes LIVE for a month and we can use that time to get ahead! 

Totally depends on you and what day of the week it is! 

If you see this page I still have spots open! (YAY!) so sign up and jump in today and you can start dropping episodes to be edited and managed today. 


First of all YAY! Congratulations and welcome to the podcast production family! You’re going to love it! 

And secondly yes! I’ll will put together your formal intro, formal outro, and midroll. Let’s call it complementary and my pleasure! 

Choose the plan that best suits you and your business in this season!

Contact Us

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about my Podcast Services. You can email me directly at service [ at ] sharonschuler . com  to get in touch and I’ll reply within 48 business hours.