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” I loved how easy everything was with Sharon! The process was streamlined and so easy. “

~ Brie Tucker, Co-Host and Executive Producer at the No Guilt Mom Podcast

Allow me to set the scene ...

You’ve already started your podcast show. You love chatting in the microphone, but to do it with ALL the backend work looming over you AFTER your record — feels like a wet blanket. 

Getting your podcast "out-there" has been on your list for a while!

You’ve been busy!

➡️ Serving clients

➡️ Researching YouTube

➡️ Building products

➡️Figuring out how to balance your finances

➡️ Figuring out if you should jump on TikTok

➡️ Learning how to make “Passive Income” a thing for you

The hamster wheel of content creation that feels like only 2% of your people ever see it and what is all this work for anyway?!

Not only are scrambling to get everything done in your business before the weekend, you wonder how you would ever find time to add one more thing to your "to-do" list.

You’ve started a really cool podcast and also have started making things to sell.  

Congratulations! You are in business! But now you need to get your name “out there” and “market yourself.” Where do you even start? You don’t have enough time as it is! How do you squeeze in another thing – like social media onto your plate? I mean if you can’t figure out how to get your message out there AND make sales — what’s the point of podcasting anyways?! 

✖️ wrong ✖️

When it comes to making your side hustle successful, I know how hard it is to want to do it but really not want to waste your time. Will podcasting your business REALLY work for you anyway?

1. Will you really be able to find the “right” people without spending hours and hours on social media? 

2. Will you really be able to make sales in your business by using your podcast?!

Most people dreaming about starting a business with a podcast BUT will stop after the first 3 episodes ...

They jump to the conclusion that it’s too hard, they’ll figure it out later, it needs to be perfect before it’s launched, they have to make money from day one or this entire business/podcast is a flop. 

And as soon as they make the mistake of getting bogged down in the weeds of running a podcast, perfectionism or procrastination will have stop them, and that dream notebook with the business ideas to help your family just sits there. 

If you're reading this, you've likely mapped out an idea of a business or side hustle ...

You have the ideas, the business and the ability to reach more customers and change more lives, but in order to do that you need to make a connection with your ideal listener. 

And when it comes to finding your own customized plan of HOW to do that, I know how frustrating that can feel. 

What’s the point of putting in the time when it feels like a jumbled mess? And no one is getting to your sales page anyway!

The struggle ends today.

Imagine never starting a new year with the resolution "side hustle successful" on your list again because you already have it up and running effortlessly - with a streamlined strategy sale path for your listeners to follow.

How would it feel if you could easily move past this one barrier of “sales” and within a matter of months just be done setting up your sales flow and move into the creative  planning … 

How would your online business be different if you could:

🎧 There is a WAY to efficiently set up your podcast as a sales path without wondering if you missed a step.

🎧 There is a WAY to set up your dream podcast as a joy to work easily with instead of “another” thing to do.

🎧 There is a way to overcome the procrastination of setting up your easy marketing system.

I've coached podcasters and set up podcast systems with my podcast clients consistently over the last 4+ years.

The one thing they pulls the successful clients from the failures is the ones that take messy action to just get the job done so they can move on to reaching their audience and grow their subscribers and then make more money. 

I know that you don’t have time to sift through YouTube videos on how to patch work this all together and get started off on the right foot. 

So I’m going to shortcut your path to starting your dream podcast. 


The Profitable Podcast Funnel Course is a podcast strategy path and an easy marketing setup that will teach you how to start, setup and run your dream business using a podcast funnel!


“Sharon has been a life saver! I finally feel like we’ve gotten a great podcast process together. I feel super organized and my business runs more smoothly.”

~ Cara Harvey, host of the Purpose Driven Mom Show

What's included in The Profitable Podcast Funnel

Part one

Get people to tune in for every episode

Before we get to the sales — let’s set up the details that lead your people towards your sales in the first place. 

Part two

get people to take action

Once your person is listening — the most looked over step I see from clients — What do you want your listener to do next? Let’s go over and set up the details for this.

Part three

get deeper connection with your people

Once your person has raised their hand THEN what do you do — there is a strategy behind what you can do to keep encouraging that listener to podcast show relationship. 

Part Four

get peoples attention in the first place

This is the fuel to add to everything you now have set up. How can you repurpose your podcast episode? Where to repurpose them to? and how to spend the least amount of time on social media as possible (my fav part!) 


“Sharon has held my hand as I have navigated the ins and outs of my podcast. It’s obvious when talking with Sharon that this is her passion.”

~ Jessica Madigan, Host of the Still In the Chaos Podcast

NOTE: wrong video below - I will change it

Grab the Ultimate Profitable Podcast Funnel System

Total Value = $1,086

Today's Price = $497

Get instant access to the Profitable Podcast Funnel for only $87, today!

“Sharon has been everything I could ask for. She wants me to be successful.”

~ Toni-Ann Mayembe, host of the Real Happy Mom Podcast

“I could tell Sharon not only knew what she was doing, but cared about my podcast.”

~ Elisa Giorgio, creator of Mama Blueprints Podcast

Did someone say BONUSES?!

The Profitable Podcast Funnel course includes everything you need to get your dream podcast up and running to grow your business sales on purpose. 

You’re covered there. 

However, your process to set up this podcast funnel can get messy and disorganized really quickly and slowed down in the details.

Here’s why … 

A well planned out podcast funnel will have:

That's why, in addition to the entire Profitable Podcast Funnel course, I'm also going to throw in four bonuses to give you a kickstart, and well informed podcast numbers.

Bonus One:

Podcast Analytics Workshop

With your podcast running – How do you know what content people love and what you need to make more of – Answer: It’s all in the numbers?

Bonus Two:

Podcast Welcome Series Email Swipe File

Want to cut your podcast email welcome series creation time in half?! Use this swipe file as your jumping off point to go faster. 

Bonus Three:

Podcast Website Templates

These plug and play templates are prefect for WordPress and Elementor plugin combo. But if you’re not running on these particular tech pieces, no worries … copy they strategy and pieces to make your own. 

Bonus Four:

Podcast Tech Stack List

Grab this go-to-list of podcast and business gear that will bring all the pieces of your funnel into place. 

For my clients, I charge nearly a thousand for this information and for me to do the work.

But because you are here and ready to take action, I’m going to make this a no-brainer for you.

Instead of it's regular price of $1,086, I'm practically giving it away at $497 ...

or start with $87, today!

(yes, really!)

You’ll get instant access to the course, guide, template, lists, plus all 4 bonuses for less than you pay for a lunch date.


At the end of it, you'll have the momentum you need to make podcasting a regular rhythm of your marketing schedule. The hard part is already done!

But you Don't Have to Take my Word For it ...

“Initially, I was nervous about trusting someone else with my podcast, but that changed real quick. Absolutely a good value! I have no hesitations recommending Sharon.”

~ Andrea Heyman, host of the Anti Diet Revolution Podcast​

Working with Sharon was super easy. I thought there would be a lot more questions but it seems Sharon just knew exactly what to do.”

~  Meg Hagar, Co-Host of the Curious Women Podcast

And if you're not 100% satisfied ... neither am I.

I get it. I’m a small business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in an online product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something you could have found for free on Google.

But I’m super proud of the products I create and I know that anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchases.

That’s why I’m offering a 7-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that your podcast will bring in the type of sales you want right away, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the templates and training inside of the Profitable Podcast Funnel, plus the immense amount of time and stress it will save you.

Of course, if you are not happy with the product, I will refund your money within 7 days of purchase, no questions asked.

Grab the Ultimate Profitable Podcast Funnel System

Total Value = $1,086

Today's Price = $497

Get instant access to the Profitable Podcast Funnel for only $87, today!

“Sharon has a detail-oriented and streamlined process. Working with her is a breeze.”

~ Krista Rae Miller, host of the Summit Host Hangout Podcast

Sharon is amazing. I love that she cares so much about each client.”

~ Hannah Murphy host of the Taking Action Podcast

"She is so organized!"

Working with Sharon is so easy. She’s so organized. Her process is almost mad-libs fill-in-the-blanks simple. If you’re looking for a practically effortless way to take some of your marketing off social media, this should be your first step.” [for my Podcast Pitching Services]

~ Allana Robinson, Parent Coach & CEO of Uncommon Sense Parenting ​

Meet Your Podcast Strategist & Service Provider

Hello, I'm Sharon!

I help podcasting small business owners overcome the startup, inconsistency, stress, and overwhelm with publishing regular podcast episodes 🎧 and get their message out into the world. That way they can grow their platform, increase their revenue, all while building connection, with less anxiety and without cutting into more family time ⏱️ 

My superpowers is making podcasts streamlined and systemized! 💪 Podcasting on purpose! 

Featured in:

Why should you trust me?


“My favorite part of working with Sharon was her enthusiasm and the way she celebrated every single “YES!” with me. She really cares about the success of her clients, and shows that. Not only is her enthusiasm contagious, her systems and processes are efficient, as well.”

~ Krista Lockwood, Host of the Motherhood Simplified Podcast

This Profitable Podcast Funnel will work for you if you:

Grab the Ultimate Profitable Podcast Funnel System

Total Value = $1,086

Today's Price = $497

Get instant access to the Profitable Podcast Funnel for only $87, today!


“Once I found Sharon and saw how easy and relatively affordable the process would be, I decided to go for it. And I’m glad I did! Sharon does a great job.”

~ Katherine Gustafson, Host of the Joyful Freelancer Podcast


You've got questions? I have answers!

Your one time investment is $497 or there is a payment plan option of $87 a month for 6 months. 

Yes, this is all about the strategy behind your podcast to draw people to your business sales. So if you’ve paused podcasting for a while this is the PERFECT time to re-organize and plan out a different plan for your podcast.

Yes, as soon as your payment is cleared you will be sent to the ThirveLearn sign in page to sign into the course for the first time. Bookmark this page to have your course handy.

Of course, if you are not happy with the product, I will refund your money within 7 days of purchase, no questions asked.

The answer is, it will depends. If you have 40 hours a week to spend on setting up your podcast funnel – you will be done really fast. If you are side hustling (like me) I would expect to take 3 months of a couple hours a week.  

The Profitable Podcast Funnel is a self-paced DIY course that teaches you to go from no podcast plan to a simple podcast strategy that you can run day in and day out on less than 4 hours a week! 

  • 29+ step-by-step video tutorials  all based around my Podcast Funnel Strategy, making it easy and cutting all the fluff
  • Bonus: Podcast Analytics Workshop: Track your numbers
  • Bonus: Podcast Welcome Series Email Swipe File
  • Bonus: Podcast WordPress & Elementor Website Templates
  • Bonus: The Podcast Tech Stack List

There is no “hidden” cost — but there is a cost to running a business. I’m assuming you have a checkout tech, and a way for people to get the products they buy from you. I will assume you have a website or a landing page type software, as well as a email service provider.

You probably already have a monthly podcast hosting fee that runs from $5 a month if you have a monthly podcast show to about $20 a month if you have a weekly or bi-weekly show. 

Have a question?

Send me an email at service (at) sharonschuler (dot) com! 


“Working with Sharon was my favorite part. Sharon is always positive and very organized. “

~ Elizabeth Peterson, Founder of the The Inspired Classroom


Seriously, is going back to Googling your way through a podcast funnel setup even an option?

At this crazy low price of $67 for today - it's a no brainer ...

Grab the Ultimate Profitable Podcast Funnel System

Total Value = $1,086

Today's Price = $497

Get instant access to the Profitable Podcast Funnel for only $87, today!