Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, my services are never “open” or “closed” but done by first come, first serve basis only. Once all my spots are filled — I’ll put up a waitlist here. 😉

There is a 3-month commitment I ask from new clients as it typically takes a while to work out all the kinks. For returning clients — welcome back! (and come and go as your please) and when there comes a time that you need to cancel — just send me an email and I’ll cancel your services. No questions asked.

This is a service is all about podcast editing your podcast episode with the option of managing your podcast as well! 

You’ll be recording than dropping your podcast episodes with me once a week. (or more, if you would like to get ahead) I’ll then put your episode through my 3 Step Episode Polishing Process, which includes professional podcast editing (of course) as well as, adding intros, outros, and midrolls, and the cherry on top I’ll write podcast SEO onto your audio file (the best place for SEO!).  

After that I will create your show notes, transcription, graphics, upload everything and schedule it all to go out. The only thing you will have left to do is your social media and sending out the email to your list that another podcast gem of yours just dropped.  

For as long as you want! It is a monthly payment to be a part of this service. If at any time after our first 3 months of working together you want to cancel this service, totally fine. Send me an email and let me know what you would like and I’ll help you do that, no questions asked.

Easy, peasy! There is a “Drop Off ”  folder in the Google Drive folder link that I’ll be sending you. Drop your episodes off there for me to pick up and edit. Make a folder if one episode has multiple files and start each file with the episode number! Nice and tidy.

As many as you need. Because you have added me to your podcast project management system —
– I have all the details I need for each episode (like the title). I will edit your episodes and get them back to you once a week, starting with your lowest episode number first.

And … Yes! if you have multiple files for one episode, make a folder for that episode. Calling the folder your episode number. 

You bet! The order of your podcast show, your intro, outro etc. is a question I ask you in your Onboarding Questionnaire … and obviously this is super important.

Also in each episode that you have in your podcast project management system — you can tag me with any additional comments about each episode as needed.

The short answer 60 minutes of raw audio file or less. 

There is no limit for the number of guests.

For editing only package you get: 

  • Your weekly podcast episode professionally edited (and “Yes!’ we can work out how to “get ahead”)
  • Removal of “uhm’s” and “ah’s”, silent spaces, and interruptions.
  • Each episode is put through my 3 Step Episode Polish Process … which means I layer on my secret sauce 🤫 of filters, and equalizer on the files a certain way.
  • Intro, outro, and midroll files added to each episode.
  • One additional revision completed as per requested.
  • SEO applied to each podcast episode file (or called ID3 tagging). 
  • Feedback to improve audio quality (if needed).

For podcast management package you get:

  • Everything in my editing package PLUS
  • Your podcast episode uploaded and scheduled out properly in your podcast hosting platform of choice
  • Show notes created for each episode.
  • 3 – 6 graphics created for show notes and so your social media marketing platform.
  • Transcripts created and uploaded into your PM as well as your shown notes.

For just podcast editing — Your investment is $327 USD per month with a min 3-month commitment I ask for new clients.

For just podcast management — Your investment is $997 USD per month with a min 3-month commitment I ask for new clients.

My turnaround time for editing and management services is one week.

I’ll ask that you drop off your episodes by a submission deadline of Friday at 3 pm EST and I’ll have your episode ready to go by the following Friday at 3 pm EST. This is so that I work all of the episodes through my weekly batching system and hand back to you the best product I can create.

It looks like mixing on Monday, cleaning on Tuesday, applying SEO Thursday and uploading Friday. Plan on recording a week and a half to two weeks before your episode goes live, at minimum.

i.e. Record – week 0, Edit and upload – week 1, Going live – week 2.

After you fill in a client application form here — if we are a good fit you’ll be directed to the Thank You and Proposal page. Once you fill out the Contract, you’ll be redirected to the Payment options page. Once I email you your Google Drive folder link, start dropping off your episodes. 

I do! For every successful signup of someone you refer to this service, I will send you $100 via. PayPal. My way of saying “Thanks!”

Just send your peeps to this page (yep, this one your on) and when they fill in the client application they will be asked: How did you hear about my podcast editing plus services? … and your person will write down your name.   

Voila! More details here.

If you have a ton of episodes already recorded, then go ahead and drop them all in the Drop Off Google Drive folder and make sure all your details are ready to go in your podcast project management system.

That way I have all the files and information and you can be “hands-off” for a while. But you will be getting your episodes edited and returned to you one-by-one each Friday at 3pm EST.

I would suggest if you have too tight of a turnaround time … to not publish any episodes LIVE for a month and we can use that time to get ahead! 

Totally depends on you and what day of the week it is! 

If you see this page I still have spots open! (YAY!) so sign up and jump in today and you can start dropping episodes to be edited and managed today. 


First of all YAY! Congratulations and welcome to the podcast production family! You’re going to love it! 

And secondly yes! I’ll will put together your formal intro, formal outro, and midroll. Let’s call it complementary and my pleasure! 

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